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I help female entrepreneurs and executives who feel stuck and frustrated in the business or career to elevate their personal brands so they can show up, stand out and sell to their dream clients with ease with out burnout or breaking the bank.

About ME

A qualified career coach with over 25 years experience of developing people through her corporate and charity work and partnerships. In 2000 she founded her own award-winning social enterprise which she directed for 11 years.
During all this time fashion had always been a passion of hers and she pivoted and retrained as a personal stylist in 2016 with a focus  in sustainable style. So can support you with all areas of your brand.

About me

 ​Yves solutions empower you to look great on the outside, feel fabulous on the inside and have a mindset and strategy to achieve the success and balance you deserve out of your life, business and career.

I offer products, services, training coaching and events to support your personal branding and style transformation because your brand is all about YOU.

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Yvonne's 'Brand New You programme really changed my life. She delivers with such enthusiasm and really knows her craft. As well as establishing a positive understanding of her clients. I feel so confident about my personal brand thanks to her.  I would recommend her to anyone"

NADINE robinson

I wanted to work with a stylist so I could be sure my branding, message and energy were being properly communicated to my clients. I picked Yvonne because she was recommended to me in my women entrepreneur group. Also, she was dancing in her video on FB so I knew we were creative and a little adventurous! The process was easy, straightforward and fun! Yvonne made me feel like I had everything I needed to properly communicate to my clients! (Including the clothes, but that was just a small part). Realizing how easy it is for me to properly communicate my brand, image and energy to my clients! It’s easier than you think and the best part was not having to shop! Very pleased, happy to have the support, Yvonne was like a bestie, giving you real feedback for what you want to be sharing! And telling you what doesn’t work as much as what does! I absolutely would recommend working with Yvonne. She’s fun, easy to work with, grounded, sustainable and is there to help you SHINE!

CYDelle stewart

Despite being a little daunted at the prospect of a Stylist, once I spoke with Yvonne, I felt like hiring a Stylist was the right decision. Yvonne was delightful to speak with and accommodating in her approach;  Yvonne made me feel like I had someone on my team that knew what they were doing; she was insightful, honest without judgement, fun and flexible. The transformation I went through was, 'trust the process' and it paid off!
I was pleased with the result. I would recommend Yvonne for sure; her stance as a Sustainable Stylist is a great USP.
I had a great experience and appreciate Yvonne's input to what was a nerve-wracking but fabulous day - thank you!